«RISKFIN» provides advisory and consulting services, as well as trainings in risk management.

Company Services

«It is obvious that increase of diversity of banking operations, as well as increase of their complexity makes it necessary to implement the risk management. To solve this problem we offer consulting services on the basis of our unique information technologies, expertise and experience of our experts and consultants. We hope that the value of services provided will be greatly appreciated by our Users and Partners and will provide them with comfortable existence in the business world.».

Best regards, Igor Farrahov
(General Manager Deputy)

It is impossible to achieve high efficiency in current economic conditions without risk management; no it is possible to achieve optimum usage of resources available as well as steadfast company growth and development without it.

Due to regulatory requirements to improve the quality of corporate governance, understanding of the principles and methods of risk management becomes necessary for employees and for the management of the organizations of the financial sector. The high requirements for professionalism laid before risk managers makes it mandatory to constantly improve their qualifications.

«RISKFIN» specialists provide consulting services in the field of building and restructuring of risk management system and its individual elements. Another important component of «RISKFIN» services is providing trainings in the field of risk management.

Consulting services

List of consulting services provided by «RISKFIN»:

1. Analysis of financial risks in the part relating to:

  • Factor and regression analysis;
  • Setting limits for contractors and financial transactions;
  • Financial risk management (identification, assessment and control), including the assessment of the aggregated risk appetite of organizations;
  • stress testing and VaR-analysis of financial portfolios;
  • verification (back-testing) of valuation models for financial risks.

2. Development of methodological support for processes of identification, assessment and monitoring of risks specific to the industry, regulatory requirements and individual «risk appetite» of the client.

3. Creation and updating methods using groups of accounts, groups of elements of different forms of reporting, indicators of analytical tables in parts relating to:
  • analysis and monitoring of the financial status of economic operators;
  • calculating ratings and rankings in accordance with regulations of the Bank of Russia, Ministry of Finance, the Federal Tax Service of Russia and other state governing bodies, and also in accordance with the customer's own methodological developments.

4. Use and learn of software systems maintenance (SP):

  • Setting up SP to computer, setup and tune in according with the user's manual
  • data recovery except in the cases of violation of physical file structure information storage;
  • actualization of methodological bases of users due to changes in the regulatory requirements of the Russian Federation, including the Bank of Russia;
  • Creation of templates for methodological applications used by customers, using scripts (visual language, functions) used in SP;
  • Setting up a template (interfaces) and / or the development of additional scripts to import data into the reporting database client.

5. Questions on financial reporting of credit institutions using the programming software training and data collection used by the client:

  • analysis of regulatory documents and internal documents of the clients on report generation
  • providing the client with the conclusions and / or recommendations on the necessary financial reporting and reports generation;
  • template customization (interfaces) and / or the development of additional scripts to import / export data reporting in the customer base;
  • customization of reporting and printing forms;
  • set up of control ratios
  • set up of format reporting of consolidated accounts
  • imported file format setting;
  • set up of customized solutions for report formatting.

Conducting seminars on risk management

Pre-registration for a seminar.

Seminars and trainings are conducted by experts who have excessive experience in management practices, in development of risk management methodology, in stuff training as well as in projects that build risk management systems.

1. Open seminar program covers various directions of risk management.

2. Corporate seminar program can be developed on the basis of customer needs including:

  • clients economic field;
  • presence / absence of risk management system and its individual components at customer disposal;
  • level of economic knowledge (including - in the field of risk assessment) of customer employees needed to be trained;
  • specifics of job responsibilities of seminar participants.

Seminar topics

«RISKFIN» plans to conduct training seminars on the following topics.

We suggest you to leave preliminary application for participation in the seminar. In order to do so, please select in the field of the registration relevant topics or register your own topics. Please do not forget to leave your contact details.

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Customer benefits when buying consulting services:

  • high qualification and diverse practical experience of «RISKFIN» experts;
  • independence and objectivity of experts;
  • Formation of research results, assessments and recommendations, taking into account individual characteristics of the customer, including the presence of his human, financial and material resources required for building / optimization of risk –management system;
  • confidentiality of information received from the customer in the process of work;
  • flexible pricing;
  • lack of VAT cost for consulting and information services (p.2 of art. 346 of tax Code).

To contact us and order services:
telephone +7 (495) 120-05-28
e-mail sale@riskfin.ru