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Technical and methodological support of Solution is made within the scope of user license of PC «RISKFIN. Prof» at no extra charge

Sales Policy

 Individual approach to each customer

Granting the right to use the software under a simple (non-exclusive) license in two packages.


Following characteristics are implemented in this package of PC "RISKFIN. Prof”:

  • requirements of regulations, instructions, letters and directions of the Bank of Russia, such as: № 346-P, № 395-P, № 511-P, № 590-P, № 611-P (previously 283-P), № 180-I, № 183-I, № 3277-U, № 4336-U (previously 2005-U), № 69-T;
  • various tasks that range from assessing the financial condition of counterparties to managing such risks as: credit, market, interest, liquidity, legal, reputational and aggregate risks.


In addition to the functions of risk management and evaluation of financial and economic activities provided in the Standard package of PC “RISKFIN. Prof” Advanced package automates the methods and procedures for money management (Directive № 3624-U), including:

  • assessment of the capital required to cover each of the significant risks;

  • correlation between target amount of required capital and amount of available capital;

  • calculation of standards, definition and establishment of a multi-level system of limits on: business areas, types of risks, stress testing.

There are additional options for:

  • assessment and forecasting of credit risk parameters (PD, LGD, LF and EAD) and, respectively, expected credit loss (ECL) values using Through the Cycle (TTC) and Point in Time (PIT) methods within the framework of the IFRS 9 standard (IFRS 9);

  • monitoring the limits of capital adequacy;

  • calculation and assessment of concentration risk;

  • analysis and management of operational risks.

The cost of the license is determined on the basis of user's needs and depends on the type of user license, terms of use and configuration. It is calculated individually.

By signing the contract for annual use of our software package

You receive:

  • Free training on how to use our software package

  • Relevant updates of our program complex, including those related to changes in the regulatory documents of the Bank of Russia.

Standard User License

Standard user license allows a certain number of users simultaneously access and use the software from any number of devices. This license involves the use of Sentinel Hasp HL hardware protection key.

Expanded User License

An extended user license allows an unlimited number of users to simultaneously access and use the software package from any number of devices within the local network. Additionally, this license allows the launch of software using terminal access (RDP). This license involves the use of hardware security key Sentinel Hasp HL.

Individual User License

An individual user license includes an extended user license for the software package and, additionally, a range of services for its customization and adaptation, including the development and maintenance of individual techniques upon customer requirements. This license implies the use of the Sentinel Hasp HL hardware protection key.

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