Company «RISKFIN» is an enterpise success of which is sought by all participants and stuff members.

«RISKFIN» was created as innovative software company that can continually evolve and improve.

It refers to competitors correctly, decently and with confidence.

It refers to partners with understanding and respect.

With respect to the state «RISKFIN’ is law-abiding.


Doing business is the same as riding a bicycle, you either move or fall. We have founded RiskFin back in 2008 and we are here not to fall but to help those who have worked with us and are just planning to work with us not fall either. The goal of our team is to ensure a comfortable dwelling in the business world, managing financial risks that are constantly emerging. If you are with us, there is no reason to choose a different path.

Best regards,Vladimir Lvov
(Founder and Author of the idea of creating software systems:
«Financial Expert», «AFSP», «Expert Contract», «AFSSO»,
«AFSKB», «Insurer», «OFO-BANK», «FRM»)

is a key player on the Russian market of software programs to provide basic needs of business for automation of the analytical work and risk management of financial and non-financial organizations. The company develops software for financial analysis, assessment, forecasting and stress testing of various types of risk - credit, market, operational, liquidity risks.

Risk can not be avoided, but it can be controlled. And in terms of the need to process huge amounts of data, constant changes in legislation and methods of evaluation of such control it is not possible without the use of modern, flexible custom tools. «RISKFIN» offers such solutions both universal and customized.

«RISKFIN» takes into account the requirements of the Russian legislation regulating risk management and the recommendations of international regulators. The company uses the results of current research in the field of financial analysis and risk management, as well as its own research and development, which results are promptly applied to release updated versions of software products.


If there is no agreement between business partners there will be no business but this is not about us.

The team of the Company consists of obsessed people who have worked and so to say lived together for over 15 years. They have many years of experience in various sectors of economy, finance and civil service thus gathering great competence for the Company.

Today the team joined forces in the creation of unique analytical software products. So, in April 2015 the company «RISKFIN» appeared on the market with the eponymous system of risk analysis and management.

The purpose of the team is to achieve success of the company by providing its partners with high quality software programs and services.

Achieving this goal the experts of the company (employees) constantly improve their level of knowledge and qualifications, continue to lead research and teach in Russian Universities, give lectures at refresher courses, conduct master classes and are authors of numerous articles in the business and scientific press.